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Every pianist needs a specialized piano light to shed directed light on sheet music and the piano keys. Overhead lighting is inadequate for performing needs and causes unnecessary eye strain. Review this general overview of piano lamps before you go shopping for your ideal light.

Piano Floor Lights

Piano floor lamps are bigger and offer additional light for larger piano playing areas. Most have an adjustable arm so the performer can direct light wherever needed. They are especially ideal if you prefer that nothing touches the finish of your piano.

Balance Arm Piano Lights

Balance arm piano lamps have an arm much like a human arm. With three joints, a lamp cap and base, they offer countless configurations for completely directed light. They are specially designed to resist gravity no matter where the light is pointed. This gives a pianist greater range of light in a variety of performance venues.

Grand Piano Lights

Grand piano lamps usually clip-on to the sheet music whereas a normal lamp would not shed enough focused light when sitting on a large Grand piano. These handy little lights are also completely portable to set up a performance venue almost anywhere. Regardless of space or circumstances, they offer light wherever you need it without carrying around a large light.

Desk Piano Lights

Desk piano lamps are useful in many different musical arenas. They sit on top of the piano. The areas at the base and the top of the stem are both adjustable for multiple lighting configurations. The shades are as large as 15 inches offering glare free light to a large area that includes piano music and keys. They are used in both homes and offices because of their attractive design and targeted light stream for reading and other close-up tasks.

LED Piano Lights

Modern musicians also want to go green. LED piano lamps are energy-efficient, making them an environmentally solid choice. Another benefit of using LED is the long-lasting bulbs. Traditional bulbs usually burn out unexpectedly, but LED lasts 30,000 hours or more. Pianists don't have to worry about changing light bulbs and can put more focus on their musical performance.

Practical, Attractive Piano Lights

Piano lamps are both practical and attractive. An audience expects to see a decorative lamp illuminating the sheet music and keys. And they are portable enough to take anywhere targeted light is required. Choose one in modern, antique, streamlined and colorful styles to match the music being played or the personality of the musician.

Piano Lights For All Purposes

Piano lamps are also used beyond the piano. These conveniently portable lamps are perfect for offices, homes and other artistic venues that benefit from directed light. Reason being, there a wide variety of styles and finishes that compliment any decor whether it be on your piano, in your home or in your office.

With this quick and simple guide to piano lamps, you're ready to find the perfect way to light up your piano, music and life. When you find floodlights manufacturers a piano that enhances both your piano skills and your home, a piano lamp will add another layer of class and beauty.